Guess who wore adidas x Gucci for selfie with Kim Kardashian?

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22 Jun 2022
Guess who wore adidas x Gucci for selfie with Kim Kardashian?

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What do you first think of when you hear the name Anna Wintour? It might be her iconic bob hairdo, or the sunglasses she wears so often. Maybe it’s ‘Devil Wears Prada’, the film roughly inspired by her ice-queen antics at Vogue HQ, where she eats her go-to $77 salad lunch every day. Or perhaps you think of the Met Gala, the glamorous fundraiser she throws every year for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City.

But even though she’s a famous tennis fan, we guarantee you probably won’t associate sportswear with Vogue’s Editor-in-chief. Yes, Wintour wears adidas too. In a selfie posted by Kim Kardashian, she was spotted wearing a piece from the adidas x Gucci collaboration that dropped earlier this month. (So technically it’s not just adidas).

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The outfit choice is unusual for Wintour. Some of her favourite designers include Manolo Blahnik and Chanel, while The Cut describes her default look as “a nipped-in waist, a hemline falling to her knee or below, and a conservative neckline, usually accessorised with a chunky necklace.” Her adidas x Gucci fit is consistent with Wintour’s usual choice of a conservative neckline and a streamlined silhouette. She finishes the look with her signature sunglasses and bob haircut, so she’s not changing everything about her vibe.

The collaboration between adidas and Gucci features an array of bold, colourful garments, footwear and accessories, from handbags to sneakers and sportswear. It is inspired by a vintage, collegiate style which reimagines sportswear as both contemporary and nostalgia-driven. The collection follows Gucci’s recent collaboration with mountain wear brand The North Face. We’re guessing it’s unlikely we’ll see Wintour wearing mountainwear any time soon. But then again, a decade ago, it would have seemed strange to imagine Wintour posting a selfie with a reality star – so anything is possible.

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