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Frank Ocean's Homer label has released a cock ring worth 25000 dollars

Frank Ocean drops a 25k cock ring and NSFW pic

Seems like the musician is coming out with everything – except a new album...

Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service closing?

Tavistock Clinic: trans charities on the children’s gender identity clinic closure

Despite misleading headlines, regional youth gender identity services are planned to replace the current system and better meet demand

How to open your relationship

Relationship status: it’s complicated...

How to have sex during a heatwave

EYNTK about keeping cool while things heat up in and out of the bedroom...

Why is summer so horny?

It’s the season of sex – but is it science, our Love island obsession, or a vibe shift that calls for a shot of Vitamin D?

Is the dating app dead? Here’s how to date offline

Dating app fatigue is real, so here’s how to bag that IRL meet-cute

Roe v Wade: how the overturn is affecting Americans

State by state, how Roe v Wade's overturn is affecting Americans

And what you can do to help those affected...

The Best Hook-Up apps for your needs, wants, desires

The Best Hook-Up apps for your needs, wants, desires

Whether you're looking for true love or to get laid fast, here’s our round up of all the apps you need on your search for intimacy

There’s nothing wrong with being a ‘late bloomer’

There’s nothing wrong with being a ‘late bloomer’

Virginity in adulthood is still stigmatised, but we need to remove the shame from both sex and the lack of it