Partnerships / Vendor Enquiries:

Stephen Mai

MD Agency
Rebecca Jolly

Head of Growth
Kenneth Siber

Creative Director at Large (Video)
Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock

Design Director at Large
Dan Mitchell


Acting Head of Content
Alistair Clifton

Supervising Producer/Director
Issey Penwarden

Video Editor
Sam Bottenberg

Production Assistant
Nomin Batzorig


Head of Editorial
Shannon Mahanty

Senior Editor
Anna Cafolla

Editorial Assistant
Eve Walker

Research Assistant
Hazera Begum


Head of Media & Brand
Luke Innes

Art Director
Kemar Reid

Head of Social
Phil Harvey

Social Producer
Molly Parsons

Marketing Manager
Eddy Walker

TikTok Editor
Mary Steven

Talent Assistant
Shereen Paul

Social Assistant
Luca Gittens

Design Assistant
Bertie Warner

Media and Web Assistant
Emily Clays


Head of Marketplace
Robyn Chalet

Category Manager
Clare Sanford

Account Manager
Anna Steuben

Operations Manager
Kuziva Muzondo

Ecommerce Assistant
Emily Ahmed

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